ICT in Emerging Countries and Turkey: Cluster Analysis Approach

Simla GUZEL, Dilek MURAT, Betul INAM


Changes that came with the new economic order have affected the whole globe. Especially the developments in information and communication technologies (ICT) caused the nations to concentrate in this field to increase their competitiveness. The emphasis placed by emerging countries that have low income but a high development potential on ICT is increasing every passing day, similar to all other countries. In the present study, it was aimed to cluster and analyze emerging economy countries, for which data was available, based on similar macroeconomic variables and information and communications technologies variables and to determine the place Turkey would occupy in this cluster. 2013 data for twenty two countries and twelve variables were analyzed using hierarchical cluster analysis. The analysis based on macroeconomic variable demonstrated that the countries were organized in four clusters and Turkey and many European emerging countries are in the same cluster. Based on the analysis conducted with ICT variables, the countries were clustered in four groups and Turkey was in the same cluster with many European countries.

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